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Message from the Chairman and President



ASIA PILE HOLDINGS CORPORATION was established with the aim to expand its business field, which had been mainly focused on Japanese domestic market, into the Asian market, especially the ASEAN market.

Nowadays, it seems historically inevitable that the economic activities become global. Such a movement is natural consequence of the development of capitalism. This movement started from the expansion of international trade of goods. This gradually evoked the globalization of finance activities. Recently, even the human resources have become to move globally. Taking this global economic movement into account, construction companies, which has been quite domestic-market-oriented so far, also have to change their business into more globalized fashion for their survival.

Our basic business policy is that we promote the foundation construction business by fully utilizing the highly competitive technology which we have developed through foundation construction business in Japan, in cooperation with the partners engaging in the pile manufacturing and foundation construction in each ASEAN country, and through integrating foundation business market of ASEAN countries and that of Japan.

A large number of people with various talents are active in this Asian market. We will promote the globalization of human resources and contribute to the development of the Asian economy through enhancing the human resource development. We really appreciate your support for ASIA PILE HOLDINGS CORPORATIN which is working for the development of the foundation construction in Asia.

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