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Building the foundations of Asia

left: Akira Kurose, Chairman / right: Shusuke Kurose, President

Our company was established as a holding company targeting the Asian market, or more particularly, the ASEAN market, to leverage the experience and accomplishments we have accumulated in the foundation construction business in Japan, and our current international operations focus primarily on Vietnam.

Our fundamental policy is to promote our foundation construction business toward integrating the ASEAN market with the Japanese market. To pursue this policy, we are tapping into the ASEAN market armed with the advanced technological capabilities in foundation construction that we have cultivated in Japan and aligning with the companies of ASEAN countries engaging in the manufacture and construction of foundation materials. In addition, Asia is filled with workers with diversified backgrounds. On the human resources front, we are determined to contribute to the development of the Asian economy by fostering great talent.

Foundation construction is an essential backbone of the society’s infrastructure. Our group has been striving to realize safe and secure society through the establishment of sound and robust foundations.

Thanks to your support, JAPAN PILE CORPORATION, our subsidiary in Japan, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your kindness to date and ask for your continued support as our group aims to further contribute to the society as well as to Asia through foundation construction.

June 2022

Akira Kurose
Akira Kurose, Chairman

Shusuke Kurose
Shusuke Kurose, President

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